Reservations & Rates

Online reservations are now available for all accommodations:

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Due to the nature of the online reservation system, not all room availability is listed.

For complete availability
or call 800-257-1560.

Illustrated map of Door County showing location of the Shallows Resort

2019 Base Rates

A 40% deposit required for all accommodations.

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 May 1 -
May 23
May 24 -
June 20
June 21 -
Aug 24
Aug 25 -
Oct 31*
Preferred Summer Stay
*Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Fall Fest weekends at the summer-season rate.
Visit each of the accommodation pages for more details.

5% State tax, 0.5% County tax and 5.5% Room tax will be added to all reservations as required by law.
Shoreside 110.00
Woodview 90.00
Shoreside 145.00
Woodview 120.00
Shoreside 185.00
Woodview 145.00
Shoreside 150.00
Woodview 130.00
3-night Minimum
Shoreside 120.00
Woodview 95.00
Shoreside 155.00
Woodview 130.00
Shoreside 190.00
Woodview 155.00
Shoreside 155.00
Woodview 140.00
3-night Minimum
Gatehouse150.00175.00250.00180.003-night Minimum
Beachhouse190.00245.00340.00245.003-night Minimum
Shallows Cottage230.00285.00390.00285.00Saturday to Saturday
Eagle's Nest155.00155.00165.00165.00Friday to Friday
Hermitage235.00260.00350.00275.00Saturday to Saturday
The Studio160.00160.00175.00175.00Saturday to Saturday
Bluffside235.00260.00350.00265.00Friday to Friday
West Ridge300.00375.00450.00375.00Friday to Friday
Falun House225.00255.00330.00255.00Open year-round
Carla's House185.00200.00270.00200.00Open year-round